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There are several sections to the comics page:

Daily Comics Pages

These are generated by a feature on the Houston Chronicle's Web site, which allows users to create their own comic strip pages.  I have created a link to the site, with the strips that I feel are worthy of my page.

There are two links for the B&W comics: Medium- and High-Resolution.   The medium-rez version are a bit fuzzy, though they will download in a reasonable amount of time on a dial-up connection.  The high-rez versions are much crisper.  However, without a high-speed connection (cable modem, DSL, T1), they take a while to download.  Of course, the choice is yours; there is no difference in the content.  With the color comics, there is only one resolution offered.

As to how I decide what to include, first I am limited to what is available on the Houston Chronicle site.  From time to time they change their line-up, adding new strips or dropping others.  I periodically check to see what new strips they have, and decide if they're worth including.  Of the ones I choose, I try to pick ones that I find consistently funny.  Sometimes there are strips that are usually lame, and yet will occasionally have one good enough to make it worth reading daily.  If a strip gets too stale, I'll drop it.  Sometimes the established strips start to become too sentimental or preachy, and the author seems to forget they're being read for our entertainment.  Those go on the scrap heap.  If there's a strip on the HC site which you find to be good, and I don't have it here, please tell me, and I'll consider including it.

Sunday Comics & Archives

For selected strips, I have links to other sites that carry them.  These sites have archives, some for a week, some for many months.  They also (except where noted), have the Sunday comics, which aren't available on the Houston Chronicle site.

Comic Strip Sites

These are sites that carry multiple comic strips.  They are here because they exist; I make no judgment as to the quality of the strips that they offer.  If you know of a comprehensive comic strip site that I haven't included here, please let me know.

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